Merry Christmas

To You Both!!

Below is the location of your next gift.

Hey Hey Hey!! Congrats on figuring out the word search.

On with the Merry Hunt!

OK – your next clue is waiting for you at the butterfly park on the Orange Trail.  You will need to follow these instructions carefully.  You will not need your computer for the rest of this journey.

OK – so, once you get to the butterfly park this is what you need to do.

Please be sure to text me once you have completed your Merry Hunt.  This will let me know you all were able to find your gifts before someone else stumbles on it accidentally.

Standing at the entrance you will want to enter the butterfly garden, make a right, pass the ROCK SNAKE and make your left at the top of the garden into the garden.

Head towards the tree in the middle and underneath the stone closest to the tree , buried, just a little bit, is your gift AND a clue to your next journey.

Good Luck!!!

Below is a graphical represenation of where your next gift is located.  You can take a picture of it so you have it when you go.